Why Many Americans Hate POLITICS?

Why Many Americans Hate POLITICS?

 Many Americans seem to intensely, dislike, our political system, POLITICS, and many of our politicians, because of a variety of reasons, including lack of belief, they possess the needed degree of absolute integrity; their appearance does little - of - consequence, is achieved; the impacts of power, money, and influence, over so many politicians, and, especially, in recent times; how often, it seems, personal/ political agendas, and self - interest, overpower, the greater good, and, meaningful, common sense, efforts! Many people, of my generation, remember the keywords, in the movie, Network, stating, I'm sick - and - tired, of being, sick - and - tired, and I'm not going to take it anymore. Perhaps, we have reached, a point, especially, after the past four years, of polarization, vitriol, blaming and complaining, and apparent - attempts to change the nature of our nation, where, we might demand, changes, for the better! I, personally, am not, convinced, yet, but, hope so! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means and represents, and why, it should matter.

Why Many Americans Hate POLITICS?

1. Priorities; perceptions; principles; progress: 

It seems, many Americans, have perceptions, which, widely differ, from others! When we find it challenging to identify, priorities, we can agree upon, which, hopefully, are aligned, with the principles, and core ideology, of this nation, including, protecting all Constitutional guarantees (instead of, merely, selectively), it makes progress, for the greater good, much, more challenging!

2. Options; opportunities; open - mind; opt: 

We need leaders, who proceed, with an open - mind, and consider, a variety of options and alternatives, seeking to proceed, take advantage of the finest opportunities, and opt, for the right path, forward!

3. Listen; learn/learn; lessons; leaders: 

Why do so - few, of those, in public office, ever become real leaders? Perhaps, it is because, they won't listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience, and use this learning, productively, so these lessons, from the past, keep us, from, making the same mistakes.

4. Ideas; ideals; ideology: 

Only, when ideas, are based on quality ideals, and our supposed - core ideology, will we become the best, we can become!

5. Time-tested; timely; trends; together: 

Our elected officials, must, prioritize, bringing us, together, rather than, resorting to polarization, and the same-old, same-old! To achieve this, they must learn the relevant, time-tested lessons, and be ready, willing, and able to proceed, in a timely manner, instead of, procrastination! Aligning this, with the appropriate trends, makes one more capable, of making a true difference, for the better!

6. Integrity; imagination; innovation: 

Why do so few politicians, if any, proceed with absolute integrity? How can one innovate, as needed, if he doesn't have a relevant imagination?

7. Character; coordinate; common sense: 

Although, we often, articulate a phrase, about, using common sense, the reality, is, often, it is anything, but, common, and, perhaps, the rarest commodity, of most public leaders! We need to elect people, with the quality of character, combined with a willingness, and ability to coordinate efforts, toward a meeting - of - - minds, for the greater good!

8. Solutions; system; service; strengths/ stronger: 

Shouldn't it be the duty and responsibility of a real leader, to perceive and conceive, of, and create viable solutions, which use our strengths, effectively, to make us stronger, and better? Only, then, will our system, serve more, of us!

If, you, too, are, sick - and - tired, of, POLITICS, you are not alone! Demand better, before it's too late!

sources: www.plan2lead.net

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