What does it mean to be a true American leader?

 What does it mean to be a true American leader?

Wouldn't it make sense, if we had some sort of direction/direction, for what kind of person we need, to be the best American leader possible? Instead of paying too much attention to personalities, denials, conspiracy theories, populist statements/rhetorics, etc., we need to choose the best potential leaders, based on how they perform their duties and whether the individual is ready, willing, and/or able to make a difference. , For the best, for our nation and our citizens! When we see - little - an apparent readiness to deal with pressing issues, now and in the future, it should make us realize that there is a disturbing pattern in our political system and its priorities/action/progress, etc. mind, this article will attempt, in short, to examine, examine, revise and discuss, using a mnemonic approach, what it means, what it represents and why it is important.
What does it mean to be a true American leader?

1. Attitude. Talent; Warning: 

It seems, too often, that many elected officials are not ready. prime time! Why do we choose, some without the necessary skills and competencies, to recognize and appropriately consider options and priorities? When, this is combined and aligned, with a genuinely positive and dynamic attitude, and a willingness to pay close attention, with an open mind, we are maximizing our potential, in terms of our being, the nation we need to be, regularly!

2. Make a mark. has been reported; Mean It!: 

How would we brand, if we had to choose, and weren't willing and able to mention and thank others for their help, and in fact, do we think so?

3. Empathy. tighten; Environment: 

This nation needs leaders, ready to listen, learn and move forward with genuine empathy, with a focus on them, accordingly! We cannot afford to elect individuals, who will not make tough decisions, on relevant and sustainable issues, such as environmental concerns for clean air and water, rather than downplaying them, in favor of some of their political supporters/donors, etc.

4. Related; realistic; Rights: 

We must protect all American rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution rather than the Selective Constitution! Relevant and realistic leaders strive to bring others together for the greater good!

5. Integrity. The parable. ideology. ideas. Fiction; Innove Ilham: 

There is no substitute for the individual with genuine and absolute integrity and morals! When these are aligned, with our core ideology and ideals, well-documented choices and alternatives are born, with an open mind and imagination, to think outside the box, our nation benefits! One must be willing and willing to innovate, if necessary, to achieve - inspiring leadership!

6. Personality. creative, creative; Care; Constitution; Collaboration: 

While there are many skills and knowledge that can be taught, we need to pay more attention to the character quality of a potential American leader! This person should be interested and cooperative, with an emphasis on cooperation rather than polarization! He must devote himself to all aspects of our constitution!

7. Clarification. tidy; Assets: 

Our leaders need many assets, including the willingness and ability to craft a message that brings us together for the greater good! The way you organize, plan in a practical, strategic, and sustainable manner, and operate your business plan, often sets the best apart from the rest of the whole!

8. Needs. nerves. Shades: 

Focus on needs/priorities - and be bold enough to approach the most difficult shades thoughtfully and thoughtfully!

Wake up America and understand that elections matter, and who we vote for can have a positive or negative impact! It is up to each voter to become a more enlightened and open person!

Richard owned a business, was COO, CEO, Director of Development, and Consultant, organizing events professionally, consulting thousands of people, hosting personal development seminars, and working on political campaigns.
for 4 decades.
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