6 Very Common Issues That Politicians Still Avoid/Exhibit!

 6 Very Common Issues That Politicians Still Avoid/Exhibit!

Traditional knowledge, states, usually politicians, will pay close attention to a variety of opinion polls/polls, to survive/become popular, and to serve their personal/political and/or selfish agenda! However, in recent times we have witnessed many circumstances where, despite general public support for a particular cause, etc, partisan behavior continues, etc! For various reasons, this strategy seems to work, as political marketing/advertising, etc. does provide an alternative message, and because many voters often vote - against their own interests. , create this political monster! With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, examine, review, and discuss 6 specific and seemingly common issues,

1. Increase in the minimum wage: 
6 Very Common Issues That Politicians Still AvoidExhibit!

The minimum wage has not increased in this country for over a decade! Consider what it means for someone to try to exist on $ 7.25 an hour! At an average of 40 hours per week, that means, before taxes and deductions, only $ 290 per week. Fifty to two weeks, per year, which translates to $ 15,080 per year. Almost 60% of states have their own minimum wage, higher than the national average, but over 20 of them still, align with the national state! Almost all surveys indicate that increasing this salary to a more reasonable and realistic level has broad support and many politicians continue to avoid it and do nothing about it!

2. Economic Stimulation: 

Due to the economic fallout resulting from the need to close and/or restrict businesses, etc., during the horrific pandemic, many people suffer greatly from a financial standpoint. Polls show the vast majority of individuals and businesses support high stimulus, but we still see partisan politics. Proof of this is that not one Republican voted for this so necessary measure!

3. Quality and Affordable Care: 

Among developed countries, the United States is the only country where the costs of drugs and health care seem to be out of control! This is another scenario, where most Americans claim they want to see improvements, but politics and politicians get stuck!

4. Equal Justice: 

Aren't justice and equal rights and freedoms a constitutional guarantee, although many note a level of systemic racism, which creates a completely different situation? We must claim all our freedoms, protected, permanently, rather than selective!

5. Fairer and more responsible elections: 

The United States turnout in the 2024 presidential election was among the highest in recent memory, yet we only saw about 65% of the total vote, compared to eligible voters! Instead of celebrating this improvement in citizen participation, we are apparently seeing a concerted effort to restrict future participation, especially among minorities!

6. Modify and/or eliminate the Electoral College: 

While most people profess, feel, and believe in the concept of one person, one voice, the effects of the Electoral College often make some states smaller and more influential in presidential elections. The winner of the popular vote has lost twice this century to the Electoral College, and in the 2024 elections, we saw an effort, on the part of the outgoing president, to challenge the results of the vote, in some countries, to reverse the results, even if he lost the popular vote by more than 7 million votes! We must remedy this, either by modifying the functioning of the Electoral College, by distributing it and representing it, or by abolishing it and simply returning to the popular vote!

Who serves and represents some of these politicians, even though the vast majority of them support something, they still refuse to do anything, productive, to achieve that goal? Wake up America, demand better representation, and be a smarter voter!

Richard is a business owner, has been COO, CEO, Director of Development, and Consultant, professionally managing events, consulting thousands of people, hosting personal development seminars, and working on political campaigns.
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