How Closed Are Minds Make Discussions Difficult ?: 5 Factors

 How Closed Are Minds Make Discussions Difficult ?: 5 Factors

Although this nation and the rest of the world will benefit immensely, when / if there is a greater effort, using a little common sense, to bring about a meeting of minds, we rarely see attempts to produce them! While we have always experienced some degree of this partisan, polarizing, and divisive behavior, it has occurred in recent years, at a level we have never seen before, in recent memory! The most important challenge for this country today is probably the presence of so many individuals, on both sides of the political spectrum, who move forward with an inflexible and closed mind! With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 major factors that reinforce this type of behavior and rigidity.

1. Facts don't seem to matter !: 

While each of us is entitled to our own opinions, we are not, in our own set of facts! When a key spokesperson on behalf of the former president called Trump's version of alternative facts, those of us who prefer real facts to evil opinions find it disturbing! When, more than 7 months later, after the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump, his clear political herd, and his main supporters, focused on conspiracy theories rather than facts/facts, it would not help!

2. Personal opinions/preferences, on par with the real facts !: 

Although previous election results, The Steal, are after, over 60 legal cases/challenges and numerous recounts (all indicating fair elections), Trump continues to move "Destiny", which seemed to empower many of those who stormed the Capitol on January 6th. We continue, we are witness to it, through the statements expressed by many Republican legislators and senators, who still insist that the elections were not legitimate! Remember, this is done, without any proof, of whether these passionate supporters weigh their opinions and desired outcomes with the real facts!

3. Reluctant to listen: 

When we talk, rather than with others, and don't want to listen, different opinions and points of view, and there seems to be little effort to achieve this. to a practical compromise, to a meeting of minds, they divide, rather than unite us, even when we are faced with urgent crises

4. You will not examine the data (especially, if it is different, from their point of view): 

if more of us are making our judgments/decisions, based on a review of the actual data, instead of the partisan interpretation of an individual, we would increase the likelihood, of better and well-thought-out planning, rather than closed opinions, based on prejudice, prejudice, fear, hatred and/or personal/political agendas and/or personal interests!

5. Closed Minds: 

Quality decisions never come from closed-minded individuals who are inflexible/unwilling to have a discussion based on facts, rather than just attitudes/opinions!

Closed minds are the enemy of having good, effective discussions and getting things done, especially those related to the public forum! Would you like to try to prioritize listening and following with an open mind?

Richard owned businesses, was COO, CEO, director of development, and consultant, professionally ran events, consulted thousands of people, led personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns.
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