How are the cut wall stickers made and applied

 How are the cut wall stickers made and applied

Before I got into the vinyl graphics business, I wasn't sure how to apply die-cut stickers. How did they get the phone number right on the truck? Or how was that wall-cut logo applied to the wall to allow the color of the wall to show through?
How are the cut wall stickers made and applied

Now, having worked in this field for over 16 years and understanding the process, I forgot that consumers don't always understand how to create personalized wall decals. I thought I would try to explain how and why so easy to apply.

So let's take the Nike logo. 
It's mostly letters and swish, right? 
Well, what if you wanted the wall color to show through the missing letters?

Some might think that we are going to print the sticker on clear vinyl. 
Would that have the correct meaning? 
The color of the wall will turn out and it will be easy to apply.

But in all fairness, do you think it sounds professional? 
In some lighting, you know you'll be able to see where the clear tape ends and it looks like, well ... sticky.

So the only option is to cut each letter correctly?

It wouldn't be too difficult for our logo, especially if the wall sticker is very large - for the foyer or conference room.

But what if the letters are smaller? 
Or what if we want to include the smaller "Stick to your style" text in the poster? 
This text is much smaller and thinner than the letters in our logo.

This is where a three-layer mask comes in. Here is how it works.


So the vinyl is printed and cut or cut from a sheet of solid color vinyl. It comes out of the machine still clamped together by the backing as the blades are set only on the vinyl pieces and not through the paper backing.

Then it was time to "peel" the vinyl. Weeding is when someone takes a pair of tweezers or a sharp selector and pulls out all the unnecessary bits. So for our logo example, we'll need to remove everything related to the logo, including the inside of the "e".

Then the only part left on the paper support will be the logo.

So how do we get this logo from the wrapping paper to our wall? Here is the role of the third layer.

Then we take clear transfer tape and apply it to the whole sticker. (It is important to know what the sticker will be applied to so that the transfer tape is used correctly.)

In our case, we now ship custom wall decals to our customers.


And all our customers need to do to apply the sticker to their wall is just peel off the paper backing.

After the back paper is removed, the sticky side of the sticker is exposed. The logo or sticker is held together by transparent transfer tape and can be easily placed as if it were a single poster.

After the decal is attached to the wall, the customer simply grabs one of the corners of the transfer tape and slowly pulls it at a 90-degree angle. As if by magic, the sticker stays on the wall and the transparent transfer paper becomes a trash can.

And there you have it - a three-layer mask.

Have you thought about ordering a personalized wall sticker, but are you worried about the installation? 
Don't worry anymore. Order your own personalized wall sticker today from Custom Vinyl Graphics.
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