Dogs and sleep

 Dogs and sleep

I have a friend who just loves to sleep. She is running, but at the slightest opportunity, trying to reach The horizontal position and fall into the arms of Morpheus. Sometimes, when I have friends they are invited to a small house On the beach that I own and come to, I always plan for it when it's gone for a while or not You hear her, I see my face at the door from her room and here it is ... She sleeps like babies. 
Dogs and sleep

Oh really makes me laugh When she watches my dogs sleep, her favorite comment is, "Boy, do I envy them! How do they sleep like this?" a lot?"

The answer to this last question may not be clear, precise, or ideal for all dogs, as there are differences 

That must be taken into account when trying to explain dogs' sleep patterns.

The breed is one of the variables that affect dogs' sleep. It has been observed that larger breeds tend to do so They require longer sleep hours than small breeds, and some of these larger animals can spend up to 18 years Hours of sleep, although we should also point out that when observing a sleeping dog, it does not continuously or without interruption. I found out that there are breeds called "rug dogs" due to The amount of time they spend sleeping. These include, for example, Newfoundlands, Mastiffs, and St. Bernard, so if you have one of these amazing and adorable companions, you never have to worry if you see this They sleep a lot or even think about it, there could be something wrong with them.

In fact, studies have shown that when your dog does not sleep for his usual hours, this is the time The dog's owner needs to be concerned because something is likely going on with his pet. when we were Humans we were under severe stress, regardless of the type of stress, or if we feel bad, should we sleep Habitual, or is our sleep cycle interrupted? Dogs also react to these negative stimuli in the same way that they are the dog's owner needs to be aware of this.

I've already mentioned that dogs usually don't sleep and wake up after X hours like we usually do. What they really do is take lots and lots of naps. My dog, for example, has single beds in my country The room, and when I wake up at night for some reason, it seems like they are communicating with me, because they are on the spot Open their eyes to see what I will do. The moment I go back to bed when they get home Interrupt my sleep. If I'm home after work or on the weekend, I also notice this constant sleep-wake call. Well if we add in the dog's total sleep time, we get more hours. This is the genetic method The engineering is done, so you don't have to worry.

Another factor that directly affects a dog's sleep is the type of activity that their owners offer them. if it was The owner was a couch potato and the dog wasn't playing sports, and we had a dog that might sleep Much more than the correct number of hours, out of boredom. On the other hand, if a faction is a workgroup in its countless guises, the story is completely different. Farm and dog breeding Trainers to care for other animals, such as chickens, livestock, or horses, will be more alert for longer hours. Other dogs trained for rescue, drug or bomb spotting, or natural disaster work are also more Active than our typical pets. Additionally, dogs that have been trained to care for someone infected with B. Disability will not exhibit the same sleep pattern.

Age and health conditions are certainly among those factors that affect our dogs' sleep. We can not expect an elderly or sick dog to sleep normally or any other type of behavior It will be considered "normal" if the conditions are different. 

The question of the possibility of dogs dreaming has been asked many times. As usual in these cases, There are opinions and opinions. What I tend to think is that they do, because dog's sleep patterns have been studied and are very similar to our sleep patterns. 

When the dog sleeps, it usually goes to the Rapid eye movement phase after about ten minutes. This stage is known as the active stage of sleep and is where you live You may notice the dog's eye movements under the dog's eyelids, his legs trembling, and even groaning as if you were Responding to a specific stimulus.

These studies show a dog's brain activity at this point Similarities to what happens to humans at the same stage, which is when we dream. This is what I am always counting on when I say yes.

Here we talked about what dog owners should expect when owning a dog and giving up their sleep which has been described as the normal long hours spent at home. 
Whether this or not It is a general condition, always care should be taken when your dog sleeps excessively, like this one It can also be a sign of other problems, including depression.

Understanding the meaning of sleep in the dog world can help dog owners get rid of anxiety and stress and contribute through many activities to help their dogs lead a more balanced life.
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