Are CDs still popular? The music formats used today?

 Are CDs still popular? The music formats used today?

I talk a lot about music and what it can do for the mind, body, and spirit, but another thing I want to touch on is the products that you can listen to that music on. I'm going to tell you about some of the products that I actually use daily and after that, I'm going to dive into some other great products that I don't own but wish I had.
Are CDs still popular The music formats used today?

The first if I use a very basic product. I'm using an Apple iPhone 12. I just download Spotify or Pandora to my phone and play it out loud while I get ready in the morning or when I get ready to go out with my girlfriends for the weekend. I love my iPhone, it sounds great, very clear and it's the perfect sound for my bathroom. I think all iPhones are working fine. I just got an upgrade so love my new phone and the sound it makes.

Another product that I really like to use is my wireless headphones. Now that was one of the best buys I have ever made. It's great, and it connects with BlueTooth to your iPhone 8. It's great for work because you don't have to worry about wires or anything getting in the way and you won't have to. be all over your phone to change it. The song because the headphones have a button that you can press to pause, play the next song, and go back to the song. It's perfect for jogging and no matter how much you sweat it never falls out of your ears.

Another product that I love is the Bose Sound Link Mini Bluetooth speaker. This stuff was perfect for my freshman year in college when I had to use a community shower and I and my friends on my floor would take all the showers at the same time and broadcast that tweeter all over the bathroom and sing on top of our room. area. The lungs were hilarious. But the charging port was so easy I just put it on top and it started charging. The battery lasted a reasonable amount of time and the volume from this speaker was amazing. I wonder how such a small amplifier could make so much noise. The things people are making up these days really amaze me.

The new thing for me and my family is Alexa. We just installed it in our house and you can just call it by its name and tell it to find anything. I like to come home and tell Alexa to play a certain playlist or song for her to play music there and it's really loud. It's really nice to be so tired after work and having to cook dinner, but you remember you have Alexa and you can make her play your favorite music, and then you really enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen.
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