Balancing student-quality education and cost-effectiveness: 4 considerations

 Balancing student-quality education and cost-effectiveness: 4 considerations

Almost everyone would agree that we need to provide public school students with the best possible education. However, the difference of opinion often comes down to how best, most realistic, etc., to achieve the most desirable results! While some believe that there is no overspending on children's education, others believe that the ever-increasing costs associated with it seem to be spiraling out of control! In fact, effectiveness and results are not based just on how much an individual spends, etc., but on how the focus is prioritized and if the approach maintains it. , Open-minded, thinking, off the beaten track, the best options to choose from. With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, examine, review and discuss four considerations.

1. Start with a zero budget: 

Several years ago when I asked why my local school system was using certain policies etc. at a high level, a member of the school administration informed me, c 'was, because, that's how it's always been done. This bothered me, because while the answer can be realistic, policies should never be based, for the most part, on habits, but on potential results and best results! To try to provide high-quality education, while controlling costs, it takes commitment and discipline on the part of administrators and school board members to think outside the box and think about how to do things based on the best, stories for the money! That is to say examining the budget lines, based on the use of zero budgets, asking if things could be done, and how they were done, better and more effective/efficient!

2. Capital Expenditures / Planning: 

One of the things that worry me is, in areas, related to capital expenditures, which seems to be an apparent lack of quality planning, etc! I have seen, on several occasions, when a million dollars or more is included, often, in the budget, for roof maintenance, etc.

3. Prioritization: 

How should schools prioritize and spend? In my opinion, you have to assert, the quality of teaching/education, the best ways, effectively, to move forward, while trying to provide this, while controlling costs, constantly escalating, running away!

4. Common sense: 

how schools operate, cost-wise, they seem to use very little common sense! I realize that common sense might be a scarce commodity, but don't taxpayers have a lot - enough burdens, and don't our children deserve the best education?

If we want our schools to be successful, educating children effectively, keeping costs under control, etc., we must demand better and more, be open-minded, plan and implement! Do you want to defend your rights?
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