5 Goals Needed for a High-Quality General Leader!

 5 Goals Needed for a High-Quality General Leader!

Although many are elected, selected, and/or elevated to important public leadership positions and assumed responsibilities/services, it often seems that a few are willing, willing, and able to make the difference desired, for the better, the public often needs and deserves! Unfortunately, due to several factors, far too many voters/citizens do not care, or lack the desire/understanding, to focus on all the options, how one might serve in a particular position, and base their decisions, around factors, such as personality.

Sympathetic supporters, excessive partisan factors, campaign/rhetoric promises, empty visions, etc., with this in mind, this article will attempt, succinctly, to consider, review, revise, and discuss, using a mnemonic approach, as requested (desired) High-quality goals for leaders / public officials.

1. Generate goodwill. Good; Guidance: 

5 Goals Needed for a High-Quality General Leader!
Public officials must be guided by the common good, combined with common sense, to constantly try to generate maximum goodwill! We should be able to expect, those we elect, to have influence and mentorship, where they really lead, instead of resorting to blame, complaints, and procrastination!

2. Options. Opportunities; Open-mindedness: 

the way we see options and make decisions, too often, determines the results! You have to be willing and willing to look at opportunities, with an open mind, and if they don't present these things, they have to proactively create the best opportunity possible!

3. Attitude. Talent; Warning; Program; Detail: 

It should be the responsibility and duty of every Commander-in-Chief to clearly express an inspiring and motivating message that pays close attention to the real needs etc. of the nation and our citizens! It takes a lot of skill to be successful - moving forward, a meaningful program that will hopefully make a difference, for the better!

4. Listen. Learn; Leadership; Lessons: 

If they learn from the past well, fewer repetitive mistakes are likely to occur! Far away, often, although some can also hear - few, in fact, actively listen! Shouldn't that be a major requirement to really drive?

5. System; Solution; Durable; Services; Stronger: 

It takes preparation, preparation, and skill to realize, create, develop, and implement the best possible system! These must be focused on real, relevant, and sustainable solutions! What good is it, if it doesn't make our society, our government, and our citizens stronger and better?

Wake up, America, and ask, better than those you voted for, to serve and represent you, and for the sake of the nation! Keep in mind, if the individual is the right fit to meet and exceed these desired GOALS!

Richard owns businesses, has been COO, CEO, Director of Development, Consultant, Professionally Managed Events, consulted with thousands of people, led personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns for 4 decades. 
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