Great Music Stirs Spiritual Passions - Great Crowe Guero

 Great Music Stirs Spiritual Passions - Great Crowe Guero

"When I first listened to Mbira's voice, I wanted to hear more and more of it. I couldn't stop it, I was sick until I learned to play, so I could. hear those sounds, ”said Stella Rambesai Choishi, Maestro Embera Queen of Zimbabwe.
Great Music Stirs Spiritual Passions - Great Crowe Guero

The above experience is not unique to Stella, as she is known for her legions of fans. It's the same feelings that led
The only Mbira group from Gweru, Midlands Mbira Crew with a traditional rhythm.

The group is the brainchild of three Mbira fans, Trymore Marowa and
Chicama Hope and James Chiguvare in November of last year.
The trio reveals that by playing and listening to Mbira's rhythm, they "indulge"
In the spiritual realm, "they have
Akhtar les pouvoirs des nombres peuvent expulser les maux de la société.

The feelings involved, said Martin Maguagua, the group's director
The skillful way the grandparents lived led them to play mbira, an art he says is
"It is innate and does not require formal education."

He added that the traditional rhythm is unique compared to others like
Segura, where we play with disconnected instruments
With external threads.

Mjwagwa said: “The music of mbira stands out as part of the art music of singular that is made.
Run wires connected to electricity for entertainment. Mbira's music penetrates deep into her heart through emotions that cannot be touched or seen.

He added: "We play the role of mbira to express our feelings and emotions.
My community uses our own machines from the model strain we want
Preserve it as a culture for our children. "

Mnangagwa revealed that mbira's music reminds the Zimbabwean people of the way of life of their ancestors before the advent of television and radio. He said it was just like
Christianity and traditional life can be captured and preserved through
Play mbira for the people of Gweru.

Mbira's music is more present in social and economic issues than in politics. As the Midlands Empire Crewe, we get invitations from everywhere
The country must perform, especially where there will be spiritual media (Pomodoro) or where there will be celebrations to bless new buildings
Or to purify evil spirits.

We saw many artists die from HIV / AIDS, played Mbira de chivanhu, work for you.
As a pillar that organizes and purifies evil. Midlands Mbira Crewe and they are Tremor Marwa, Hope Chagama, James
Shigovari, Owen Mpanu, Skaneesiwe Kani, author Mpanu, and Clara Machayamumbi are looking to record their debut album at
Music from Mbira very soon.

The trio revealed that as they played and listened to Mbira's beat, they were "immersed".
In the spiritual realm, "what makes them possess
Ancestral powers "which can bring harm to members of society". Rhythm is unique compared to others like
Sungura, where we play instruments without external wires. "

“We play the role of mbira to express our feelings and the feelings of my community using our own machines for the archetypal ancestors that we want to preserve as a culture for our children,” Mogwagwa said.

Mbira Crew works and is Trymore Marowa, Hope Chagama, James Chiguvare, Owen Mbano, Skanyisiwe Kanye, and author Mbano and Clara.
Mashayamombe on their debut album mbira which will be released soon.

The director of Mgwagwa said there is a need to teach mbira music at the primary and secondary levels to preserve our local culture. And
She encouraged all the artists in the country not to hesitate
You play through music that uses traditional instruments.
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