A waterproof surfing remote control for foil

A waterproof surfing remote control for Foil

Over the past six months, I have spent hundreds of hours researching, building, and testing a new electric skateboard and remote control for your surfboards. While I have managed to create a DIY electric watercraft system that works, I and the 700+ DIY electric skateboard builders have yet to find an easy and affordable way to build or purchase a waterproof Bluetooth remote.
A waterproof surfing remote control for Ef oil
A waterproof surfing remote control for Foil

Let's face it, no one is cold on their electric skateboard with a waterproof remote in their lunch bag. It would be difficult for anyone to develop a colorful, floating, waterproof surf remote control designed with smooth throttle control, comfort, and affordability.

Currently, there are over 80 builders on various forums and Facebook groups trying to make a solution that is easy to build and works well. Every month new designs and parts are tested by these builders, and if all goes well the new design will perform well and take things to the next stage of testing and then into production.

If you are trying to build your own remote or are planning to build your own, just keep in mind that the parts you buy have a high risk of not working and you will quickly spend between $ 150 and $ 800 on parts. That's the whole point of open-source design and build packages. This design process can evolve quickly, as everyone is stepping in, and sharing ideas, and they all have something cool to use.

There are now many new electric skateboard and jet systems out there. Many have a waterproof remote, but they don't sell to the DIY foil builder community.

A waterproof surf remote controller will be a switch game for the water sports industry to help electric skateboard, jet surf, and oil companies use the open-source remote controller and you don't have to spend $ 45,000 or more in research and testing, plastic mold, and bulk product orders, and 6+ months from start to finish.

If this type of product were to become available, it would open the doors to the electric water sports industry as there is currently no waterproof remote control system for home users that comes with a receiver that allows it to be used with n 'any electronic system available on the market. It doesn't matter if you have an electric skateboard, electric skateboard, electric skateboard, or ef oil. The universal remote will work on all devices, which means you only need one!
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