A touch of R&B and soul

 A touch of R&B and soul

Music that stands the test of time is music that makes you and I think of the past; Present and future generations. When was the last time you really heard a sound that reminded you of yesterday and also brought you closer to the time of today?
A touch of R&B and soul

What lies at the bottom of the human soul never disappears; In the end, she gives birth. The art of making someone feel good through the power of music is a wonderful thing. As an artist and songwriter, there is no idea who or when your message will creep in and touch the hearts of your listeners. Everyone has their own expressions of feelings. Their own way of accepting what is being said through the song.

There has to be a message in your music that gives your listeners time to think, interact, and focus on the times we live in. It's about making good music that touches the soul to improve its well-being. Lyrical content with rhythms and melodies paints a picture to put you in a magical mood. The last emotional voice of Vargas Thomas; is distinguished by its biggest brand; Known as "Pleasure More", it brings you the best of them thanks to their first collaboration since the days of New Horizons. The song "Something Special" is just that.

It's a tone that will make you want to get sensual from the emotional side of a man who expresses his feelings towards the woman he loves and truly cares about, it is a voice and a message that puts you in a state of being. comfortable mind with a sense of purpose and obligation in your relationships. The artist who can make you feel his music, his emotions, and his spirit is the artist whose music will last a lifetime. Fans want to hear versatile artists and music that will touch their inner selves. As record producers, it is their job to use their expertise to produce music that will showcase the diversity of the artists that will influence fans around the world.

As a music lover, the next time you get ready to download, stream or listen to your favorite songs; Let the music move you in a way that allows you to decompress and rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Music is universal and affects us all differently.

“Let the good times roll,” said Rump Shaker, Party Maker, Quincy, and Ray. With powerful grooves and beats, "juice" is the flavor you choose to drink. Trumpet clip cuts are Jackson's with a touch of earth, wind, and fire; With funky guitar tracks from James Brown. The rhythmic arrangements consist of old-school funk and R&B with the new Jack Swing Twist.

Vargas Thomas is back with another crushing blow to get you and me on the dance floor until the sweat starts to fall from your forehead. His song "Juice" is a concert to dance to and make you lose and set you free. Because music is universal, a musician, songwriter, and producer; As an artist, their goal should be to inspire listeners to bring them some area in this way; It is only for a short time that they can have time to relax after a hard day's work.

The times we live in today are no different from the way things were long ago, except technology. People are alike. We all need something to break free and let go of the stresses of life. Music is the essence and the means of doing just that. Music is still broadcast on the radio today from all the greats of the time, even those who are forever deceased; Their music is always heard because there is a message of love, hope, and a way to escape the realities of life for a moment or two.

While Juice is aimed at younger people and qualifies women as special, the appeal is still appealing for everyone to have fun. On a serious note, he mentioned some cases in the song of the people of every state that they mentioned, and they endured and overcame the tragedies that have happened in the past. For anyone who has been affected by some tragic type, sort of loss, or setback in life, Juice is a song to let you know you've got what it takes and it will work.

For those of us who love different types of music, one of the best things we can continue to do is share love, calm voices, and hope through an artistic artist who knows how to touch feelings. people in a positive and upscale manner. The next time you find yourself listening to your favorite artist, ask yourself if this song has purpose and meaning? Can I really understand the message in the music? Made the feast.
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