7 areas that the United States needs to proactively address now!

 7 areas that the United States needs to proactively address now!

Although this nation and its citizens would, most likely, be better off, if the officials / elected officials emphasized the greater interest, with a high degree of common sense, and focused on bringing about a meeting of - which - often /, in general, it seems politicians are persistent and care more about their personal/political agenda and/or self-interest! To many, myself included, it seems like we need to act as soon as possible and proactively to address some basic needs and priorities! Instead of just focusing on empty rhetoric and promises, along with populism, wouldn't it make sense to demand better, so that we can properly address the real/real, relevant, and enduring issues? With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, examine, review and discuss 7 specific areas,

1. Public Health and Safety: 

If we learn anything from this terrible epidemic, the public health and well-being of our citizens should be continuous, vigilant, and functional with real experience and preparation! For the nation, which often boasts of its progress, we should be concerned about our response to this virus. Although the United States has about 4.5% of the world's population, we've seen about 25% of the cases and 20% of the deaths. These numbers clearly indicate that we could and should have done better! Likewise, the degree to which protests have turned violent, such as the Capitol Rebellion of January 7, 2021, indicates that more attention needs to be paid to protecting the safety of our citizens!

2. Health care, medical treatment, and prescription drugs: 

should all our citizens, in general, be protected, health care, medical treatment, and the cost of prescription drugs and appropriate care? would they not really be a privilege for some? It must be affordable, of high quality, effective and efficient!

3. Climate and environment: 

Although almost all scientists/experts mention that the dangers of climate change are not only real, but dangerous, in the long run, the former president has denied the danger, and we have withdrawn from it. competent international. agreements, and wasted time, when We need proactive attention to these risks! Likewise, we must ensure that our planet is protected for the sake of future generations, and reversing the policies of the previous administration could have terrible repercussions!

4. Professional retraining: 

if we want to regain our place in the world, we must consider the type of skills and jobs that will be needed, in an appropriate and sustainable way, and create, recycle jobs, so that our citizens benefit from them. ! We cannot and must not accept, only, the same - the old, the same - the old!

5. Constitutional guarantees: 

If the clear vision of our founding fathers is to be preserved, in the future we must protect all constitutional guarantees, instead of doing so, selectively, on the basis of agenda/preferences political/personal! Our freedoms are what makes America truly great!

6. Rational measures of firearms: 

While it is true that firearms do not kill people, people do, in fact, deaths usually come from individuals who use these weapons in dangerous ways! This is not about protecting the rights of the Second Amendment, but rather about realizing the right to bear arms, in the original it referred to different types of weapons, with less risk! Has not, in terms of time, saved lives by applying reasonable security/control measures?

7. Addressing Infrastructure: 

It is time - higher - time for this nation to proactively tackle our aging infrastructure, avoid potential disasters, and prepare for future needs and priorities!

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