6 things most people want that politicians don't do!

6 things most people
 want that politicians don't do!
Doesn't it seem strange that a lot of government / elected officials and/or politicians, even if they seem, more often than not, to express messages that they hope to be populist (gain popular support, to be re-elected)? How many times, as we have seen, the level of partisan-political behavior, which - often - creates almost nothing, wanted / necessary, desirable / desired by many citizens, has become a higher priority than the satisfaction of these needs and necessities, to truly serve and represent their constituents? With that in mind, this article will attempt, succinctly, to study, review, review, and discuss 6 things that most people seem/seem to want and that an elected term pays little attention to. real,.

1. Gun Safety - Smart, Common Sense, and Much-needed Controls / Restrictions: 

Where surveys and polls consistently show that even the majority of gun owners believe it is necessary, for some, to common sense, to control guns (Especially when it comes to security, etc.), and the actor, always, will not budge, even after the horrific events, which we have all witnessed, there is something wrong with our political system, etc. We limit the ability to drive and it requires safety, performance, testing, enforcement of speed limits, and auto insurance claims (in almost all states), but many types don't. guns, in many parts of it. nation! Since there is open access between states, how does it make sense that there are no (or very few) federal laws/restrictions? When some used the Second Amendment as an excuse to do anything that might restrict the possession of guns etc don't look, the guns used then it took almost two minutes to reload their guns! When, the justification, allows hunting, it does not explain, why / how someone needs an offensive weapon? Common sense, background checks, limitation of certain types of offensive weapons, as well as performance/qualification testing would improve safety and be a smarter approach!

2. Infrastructure improvements: 

we often see polls/opinion polls, which indicate that most people, on both sides, including state-level civil servants, prefer an infrastructure upgrade! However, with aging infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, roads, road design, etc.) it is still seen as a partisan political decision, not necessary!

3. Clean Air and Water:

 After several years of water crises in Flint, Michigan, and elsewhere, we are not only seeing little real progress but, in many ways, worse policies and tightening! Should we not insist and demand to transfer the responsibility to future generations, to leave them behind, a planet with clean air and water, etc.?

4. Quality of Health Care: 

The costs of obtaining medical treatment and prescribed drugs are by far the highest in the world! Many believe that when we go through a health crisis, like this horrific epidemic, it is a clear sign that a large part of our population is receiving, at best, second-class treatment, access, etc.!

5. Sustainability: 

In almost all sustainable regions we experience a lack of focus, assertiveness, responsibility, service, and representation!

6. Better jobs and an economy in general, especially for the middle class and working class:

 The 2017 tax reform legislation, which has been widely promoted and stipulates it, will actually benefit the middle class, at the service of the richest. Americans and the biggest companies. Shouldn't we be focusing on helping those who need it most?

These are just six things most people want and need elected officials to continue to do, and do very little about them! Hey America, wake up and ask for better and more!

Richard owns businesses and has been COO, CEO, Director of Development, and Consultant, professionally managing events, consulting thousands of people, leading personal development seminars, and working on political campaigns.
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