5 reasons why some voters continue to support greedy politicians!

 5 reasons why some voters continue to support greedy politicians!

Four years after the start of the Presidency of the United States, it appears that volumes have been written about Donald Trump, as a person, leader, official, etc. Whether someone is supporting him or opposing him, it needs to be recognized, even though he lost the 2024 election by over 7 million votes, and his main supporters are perhaps the most fervent supporters of all. politician of modern American history! However, we also see many other politicians who consistently seem to place their personal/political agenda, and/or self-interest, ahead of the public good, etc.! With that in mind, this article will attempt, in short, to study, examine, review, and discuss 5 specific causes/possibilities that some voters continue to support greedy politicians.
5 reasons why some voters continue
 to support greedy politicians!

1. Follow and Trust Blind:

 It seems a lot of people are blindly following and trusting their so-called elected representatives all the time! In the 2020 election, we saw the highest turnout, and even then it was only 65%! Who can remember, the former president, systematically referring to everything that does not agree with him, and/or his agenda, as false facts? The political truth - ladies, the state, Trump lied, at an alarming rate he had never heard of it before, however, it seems his main supporters didn't care!

2. Political Zone: 

Often many voters believe that the political zone is constantly being bombarded - with! Why do so few people care to differentiate between politics and reality? How can individuals continue to support the government / elected officials who ignore what appears to be their best interest to advance their political agenda etc?

3. Idol - Worship: 

The elect are mortals and not superhumans! Unfortunately, too many politicians allow lower standards, rather than making sure no one is above the law! It's okay to favor one over the other, but do it based on facts, approaches, actions, and ideas, rather than rhetoric, promises, and prejudices/fears!

4. Bias/Prejudice: 

Many experts claim that more people vote based on their fears, prejudices, and prejudices, compared to who is best equipped to deal with the related enduring challenges we face! Sadly, we continue to see the election of people, who focus on the franchise, rather than acting and serving!

5. Don't Accept Factual Facts: 

When conspiracy theories and theorists in many cases get more recognition than real facts, and many - many more tend to believe these claims, how good is it? in the interest of the nation and our citizens? While we are each entitled to our own opinions, we are not allowed to have our own set of facts!

Unless America's political and electoral systems become more representative and service-oriented, the nation and most people will suffer! Wake up America, and make your voice count for the best!

Richard owns businesses and has been COO, CEO, Director of Development, and Consultant, professionally managing events, consulting thousands of people, leading personal development seminars, and working on political campaigns.
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