5 Reasons Why Hulk Hogan's Return Is Beneficial For Wrestling

 5 Reasons Why Hulk Hogan's Return Is Beneficial For Wrestling

In 2018, wrestling star Hulk Hogan left the wrestling industry under interesting circumstances, using racial slurs at an adult bar. Now he has apologized and expressed his desire to return to wrestling. However, he left many wondering if he should be allowed in the ring again.

5 Reasons Why Hulk Hogan's Return Is Beneficial For Wrestling

Here are 5 reasons why Hulk Hogan's return is good for wrestling!

1 His fan base

Needless to say, he already has a huge fan base, and he's going to put it back in the fight. Since this is an arena where a huge fan base almost means huge success, he will have no problem entertaining his fans and raising his profile.

2 General physical condition.

Hulk Hogan has wrestled before, so it's not like he needs a lot of retraining, and he said he feels great because he's always running. All he has to do is get back in shape, and he can come back to the ring. Watching him fight rookies will help them achieve what they can do!

3 Give it a try!

Hulk Hogan has wrestled before, in fact, most of his life. This experience will be crucial in helping to increase his image and help in the transition of wrestling into the new era. However, he is no longer young, so he can prepare for epic and fun matches!

4 It's stellar gravity.

Despite some controversy, he is still a big star and has been for many decades. He is almost guaranteed a great return on his investment in wrestling, as his star power will attract large crowds who would love to see him play in the ring.

In an era when the wrestling movement is changing, Hulk Hogan's allure will help calm nerves.

5 Other wrestlers are back.

And its reception will probably be no exception. Keeping in mind that he has huge star attraction before he leaves, as well as the fact that other wrestlers are back in the ring, this will reignite his wrestling fan base.

Wrestling is one of the few sports in which adults can compete with children. If Hulk Hogan returned, it would be all the more obvious. Expect big crowds, big epic shows, and even bigger matches if Hulk Hogan returns to the ring.
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