5 key areas where we should vote on our hopes rather than our fears!

 Wouldn't it be nice if elected officials appealed to us, in an ambitious way, rather than our perceived fears, prejudices, prejudices, and personal interests? While this may be, to some extent, as always, it seems in recent times it has even become more prevalent! Should we not seek to serve and be represented by individuals who prioritize and bring us together for the common good and seek to emphasize, instead of individuals, meeting minds, making empty promises, and using the discourse of division, polarization, and appearance, to avoid personal responsibility Referring to others, blaming and complaining about others, denying and setting their personal/political agenda, personal interests, before the good public? With this in mind, the article will attempt to briefly review, scrutinize, and revise.

1. Environment/Climate: 

When some Republicans, instead of making meaningful proposals, on climate issues, accuse President Biden of wanting to take beef, eat, and enjoy it, how does that help, in the face of challenges/relevant lasting obstacles related to potential spillovers? Continue, ill-advised, deny and procrastinate? Shouldn't every generation have the duty/duty to guarantee the future, the enjoyment of clean air, water, etc.? When almost all scientists/experts say that action is needed, as soon as possible, isn't he trying to avoid action, appealing to concerns, especially economic, etc., dangerous and irresponsible?

2. Systemic Race / Race Relations:

Almost every objective individual, acknowledges racism, is a recurring problem, in this country, especially about employment/employment/income, health care, and treatment. by the judicial system (of certain behaviors/behaviors / Attitudes of the police, about unequal treatment in the courts), etc. Instead of focusing on how to unite the two sides, to make things better and fairer, the official response, in President Biden's recent speech to Congress, delivered by Senator Tim Scott (the African Republican member) American in the Senate), denied him and pointed out the action. Great done by President Trump!

3. Unification vs. Polarization: 

Doesn't it make sense, we could do more if our officials affirmed, or united, instead of polarization? Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen a widening of the divide and a lesser attempt to seek a bipartisan agreement for the common good!

4. Real Facts or False Facts: 

When former President Trump, who was a political fact-checker, committed most of the lies, distortions, and misleading statements in recent memory, consistently, about a letter, accusing, any opposition, opposing report/position, etc., as False Facts, and his main supporters accept his version of reality, how does that help?

5. Budget policies/priorities: 

Hypocrisy, about our budgetary policies, and/or deficit spending, does little to achieve, the necessary, rallying of minds, for the common good! This should distract us!

Wake up America, demand better service and representation than these, we elect, instead of the old me, the old me focuses on attracting fears, and perceptions, rather than viable solutions! Will you be a better and more responsible voter?

Richard owns businesses, has been COO, CEO, Director of Development, Consultant, professionally managed events, consulted thousands of people, hosted personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns for 4 decades.
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