Will this become the new normal or anomaly?: 5 issues

 Will this become the new normal 

or an anomaly?: 5 issues

Many believe that we are witnessing a degree of polarization and division in this country, unlike anything we have witnessed, at least in recent memory! Although there has always been a certain degree of partisan and philosophical politics (in terms of economic and political philosophies, ideas, ideals, ideologies, and beliefs), until, relatively recently, the United States has elected presidents, who have beliefs, in what they consider most of the political milieu (in the range of 5-10% of the center, either towards what is called, to the left or right), and therefore, in particular, when it came to major issues, there was room/space, to create a meeting of minds, for the common good! More recently this was not the case, and it came, in addition, under the administration of President Donald Trump, where the level of pinging, the refusal to compromise, even in times of need, for the common good, linked levels, maybe - dangerous levels have been reached! Will this split become something new - normal or an anomaly? With that in mind, this article will examine, review, review, and briefly discuss 5 related issues.

1. What will constitutional guarantees mean and represent?
 Could we treat them all as essential or selective ?: 

While we often hear that so-called gun lobbyists and some gun carriers claim Second Amendment rights, these same people are, the most often seem less concerned with top-notch protection. ! While the Second Amendment refers to the right to bear arms, many, including the late Supreme Court Justice Scalia State, have specifically referred to the state militia, rather than owning a weapon! What restrictions are required, or might be, necessary and/or, in order to improve firearm safety, ensure appropriate firearm ownership, and distinction based on weapon type? On the other hand, the Constitution clearly states that rights and freedoms, such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right of assembly, are and must be protected! The troubling aspect of today's struggles is that some, it seems, are only willing to enforce these rights selectively on the basis of their personal/political agendas, etc!

2. The Nature of White Fanatics, Neo-Nazis, Haters, and Facilitators: 

When the events in Charlottesville provoked, in a statement from Trump, he seemed to equate both sides, saying: There were good people, on both sides, we must have realized, that it is against our country's heritage, even to look at anyone, be it a white extremist, a Nazi or other hateful - a member of the group, etc., a good person! By definition, these individuals should never become normal!

3. Consolidation or Polarization: 

Wouldn't we be much better off if our political leaders sought to unify rather than polarize? Unless polarization is deemed unacceptable, we are unlikely to return to normal!

4. Holiness of Elections: 

We must be convinced, all possible safeguards and securities are used to ensure that our elections are safe and that the results are as accurate as possible! When the former president was constantly fighting for the election results, when they did not support him and brought charges without evidence, it created a dangerous degree of suspicion among some of his main supporters! Although a candidate's right is legally to challenge the results, appealing to a state election commission and/or courts, these objections should only be taken into account when accompanied by evidence, rather what unproven and unproven claims!

5. The concepts of freedom of the press, speech, and the right of assembly: 

freedom of the press is necessary to protect citizens through the disclosure of news and other relevant information, without any censorship, by the government! It should not be based on a personal/political agenda and/or personal interest! Likewise, freedom of expression must be protected, but that does not mean that one can shout, shoot, in a theater, etc. We must protect the non-violent legal right to assemble, but this must be distinguished from any illegal activity, such as arson, looting, violence, etc.
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