Why do we need crisis planning and experience ?: 5 keys

Why do we need crisis planning and experience ?: 5 keys

Although planning and real experience should be sought, in all fields, for the actions and operations of any leader, especially in times of crisis, these qualities and characteristics become more necessary and necessary! As we have seen, in many previous crises, public confidence in the leader's ability to handle things has become very important and meaningful! Current crisis groups, which include both public health concerns related to the horrific epidemic, as well as civil unrest, caused by years of systemic racism, have reached - a - president, because of the police, the murder of George Floyd, and many other instances of misconduct. To create a situation where we really need someone who is focused on well thought-out planning, who has an open mind, who has a lot of experience, etc., as many President Trump thinks through his rhetoric/frankness, his apparent reluctance to compromise, or to move forward, without prejudice, etc. That, made things much worse than they are, anyway! With this in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to review, review, review, and discuss the factors/keys, and effectively indicate the importance and significance of the procedure.

1. Plan ahead: 

Plan ahead. It didn't rain when Noah built the ark! Unlike most of his predecessors, President Trump would pay little or no attention to his briefings, nor to any adviser who might be at odds with his personal/political agenda and/or personal interest! By dismantling/weakening, the CDC, and the Pandemic Council, our preparedness, and therefore our ability, to move smoothly, forward, on early warnings, of this pandemic has been weakened! Plus, Trump rarely seems to think about the potential ramifications of his rhetoric/rhetoric, and how he often seems to increase the polarization of this nation!

2. Best Group of Advisors:

 Since no one has all the answers, a leader must surround himself with a diverse and expert group of advisors who are ready to give thoughtful advice, etc., rather than just behaving like a little more, yeah - Men! Objectively compare who surrounds this president himself with the advisers of his predecessor, unlike the quality!

3. The greater good, instead of political opportunity !:

 Approach, planning, and actions, especially during a crisis, should focus on the public good rather than any personal/political agenda and/or on personal interest!

4. Workaholic:

 One should not become a leader, unless one wants to be, to some extent, a workaholic, and does not expect, or prioritize, a privilege. personal, and/or a pat on the back!

5. Clarity: 

When a crisis strikes, the best leaders provide clarity and direction, which their constituents welcome, and they are ready - to follow! We have witnessed in recent crises many incidents of conflicting messages and attempts at polarization and politicization!

We need leaders who are ready, willing, and able to lead effectively in good times and in times of crisis! See what happens, when it doesn't!

1. Plan ahead:

 Plan ahead. It didn't rain when Noah built the ark!

Richard owns businesses and has been COO, CEO, Director of Development, and Consultant, professionally managing events, consulting thousands of people, leading personal development seminars, and working on political campaigns.

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