Where is the last place you went with a particular object to take a photo?

Where is the last place you went with a particular object to take a photo?

The premise I want to give you about James Lai is this quote from the lion's mouth itself: "I'm really good at multiple choice." For me, I feel important. Maybe that's because the first time I met James he checked multiple cameras - maybe four cameras loaded with different films and took photo after photo of Nina Escalante. Maybe it's because I visited him for this interview to flip my entire box cover filled with a polaroid. When it comes to cutting and telling stories, shooting on film means you're taking a risk that a digital photographer wouldn't. James is too casual about this.
Where is the last place you went with a particular object to take a photo



Where's the last place you went with a specific object to take a photo?

I try to think ... sometimes I do but usually I have my camera and take pictures when I want to. There are times when I need to go out because I need to find the right timing for the lights and things. But the last time I remember it was the Financial District.

What is there where you are chasing the photo?

I want to take pictures of different people in Toronto and I find Bay Street an interesting thing to photograph. In addition, the light is good there.

How do you explore photography as a medium beyond taking photos?

I usually go to the library and look at the books. For me, I think besides taking the picture, there is also looking at pictures. So I mainly shoot movies, which means I can't see what the images look like until they are developed. Usually, I don't develop until I have memorized at least eight laps. This means that I have finished getting a library of images that I can see afterward. So I think another great way to explore photos is to recognize that 99% of your photos are bad. So what you want to do is try to find the right things. It is really difficult

One of the artists whose work I was shown to work on the last time I was here is Araki, and I said what you love about him and many other Japanese photographers are that they are prolific in their work. What does it mean to you to be a prolific artist in his art?

What impresses me the most is its size. It becomes a surplus. There is a lot of Japanese mentality and determination in its simplicity. So when are you separatists like Araki or Daido ?? Moriyama has published hundreds of books or things like that. It interests me because it becomes a stream of consciousness. Becomes something else. It showed Japan very well.

When you view your photos, what does the displayed artwork look like and the people who are the subject of the photos are already in the gallery and see their photos?

James laughs here. So I haven't done a lot of shows but I realize the thing is to get really drunk. Then you don't really remember anything from the show and that's usually a positive thing.

One topic that you seem to enjoy exploring alongside people is that of flowers. What are you interested in studying floriculture?

So it's actually more important for growth. What interests me about flowers is that I have the impression that many other photographers have discovered flowers. A big part of photography is trying to figure out how to take pictures. The way you take pictures as an individual. If you look at Maplethorpe flowers, Araki flowers, or there are a lot of other photographers; They all look very different. They sort of found theirs in the flowers. What I'm trying to do is find something of myself in the florists. I don't know if I like doing these exercises.

As a photographer who always takes photos, have you ever felt there is a greater risk of not taking a photo than doing something physical like climbing a tree in the corner?

Yes, I would like to climb a tree! If you require. There are many ways to manage the timing of the photo. Some people are very measured and like tripods and stuff. I like to run around like a goof and push the shutter, trying to get it right at the right time. So if I needed it I would climb trees or run with my head cut off.

Do you usually take just one photo and feel confident you've captured that moment?

So I am a very bad photographer. I need to take a lot of bad photos to get a good one. As for me, I try to keep taking pictures until I hope so.

You mentioned that you went to the Financial District and that you were interested in this type of person. You already have training in economics. Do you think this will or can have an effect on your artistic creation experience?

There is some experience there. I think the most convincing thing for me. Because I'm so cool that I get along with a lot of different types of people. I have always considered myself to be a person who goes around in circles. This includes when I worked as an analyst and energy analyst. So you have your circuit there. I realized that there are stories in every department that are very interesting. I try to find pictures in all the different places.

The favorite photo you have taken?

Ah ... no, I think they could all be better.

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