The Old Wise Man From The Woods

 The Old Wise Man From The Woods

Not long ago, in a distant country, I met this wise old man from far away. A majestic man in outward appearances. Matching silver-gray hair and beard, standing 6 feet. 2 piercing blue eyes. The weather on his face showed years of struggle for survival. However, there was a strange inner peace that seemed to shine through every time he smiled.

I was lucky enough to meet this wandering vocalist with the knowledge and experience of the world. The days we spent in that jungle at that time, I hope, will never end. But somehow I knew we had to go separate ways. The knowledge I acquired, and the lessons I learned, have served me well. Although he never only told me his name, he came from a very remote place. A place where life is filled with good and virtue. Somehow I knew from the anxious skin face that showed the anxiety and torment of the seasons he spent wandering from place to place why he chose the seclusion of the woods. 

Since there were no tools to speak only of his soul, this ancient sage from the woods taught me the value of life and how the goodness of a human being can humble himself to overcome adversity. How kindness can restore empathy and compassion for all living things. But somehow, through the strange look on his face when he talked about these things, he knew that my world hadn't yet realized and was applying the good and righteous side of it. Only the dark side of contempt, jealousy, and hatred has made our world more hostile and unstable.

 It's been so many years since I wandered that wise old man through the woods, I've seen the human race wilt and rot more and more year after year. The knowledge I acquired many years ago reinforced my resolve to try to teach people what this wise old man had taught me. Frustration only encourages me to persevere. But all too often, many people are unwilling to accept their personality flaws. The shortcomings only strengthened the combative attitude towards accepting any change that would benefit not only themselves but the entire society.

 I've seen this ever since in the halls of government recently, as the elected officials, in their thirst for power, wealth, and control, overreach. Actions that continue to deny the good and goodness of humanity to rise above and remove the obstacles that prevent humanity from promoting compassion, mercy, and charity towards all living beings. The consequences of their actions continue to have dramatic effects on a deteriorating quality of life.

 The sad and really ironic truth today is that not many people can hide in the woods and survive such a wise old man. Society has evolved in some ways. But in many other ways, we fell back as a society. Now, much of our existence depends on materialism. A community about the individuality and independence that we had for more than 150 years into a dependency.

When a society becomes dependent on a government that is clearly indifferent to its needs as we see them today, can this community not maintain a neutral stance towards unfair policies? Policies that continue to keep our society trapped in the swamp of persistent crisis. And so what this old man taught me many years ago has been placed at the forefront of society's consciousness. We need to realize that we can truly overcome the harmful effects of our government’s lack of sympathy for its citizens. And when we do, society can truly evolve into a brighter and more compassionate future.
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