Lessons learned from my experience in softball

 Lessons learned from my experience in softball

Sports. There is no way for words to describe the impact of sport on my life. As long as I could walk, I played softball, soccer, and tennis, you name it; It never stopped and it suited me. I didn't have any negative feelings about the game until I hit my high school years.

Exercising in my family was not an option. It was a way of life. I have never played for fast teams. I felt like I was in a better position to stay on top and take advantage of my position. Fast forward to high school. I was a member of the college softball team for my four years in school. For the first year, I was new to the squad I came in with a fearless mindset, but I wouldn't let that get in the way of my excellence in the game I loved. Had to put all my thoughts and feelings aside, put it all on testing, and guess what, I told you before but, I made the team! As a 15-year-old girl, my high school team kept me energetic. I eliminated all the training and when it was in play I was ready to go out on the pitch and win for my team.

It was the most beautiful feeling I had ever experienced. Walking onto the pitch where we were going to face our opponent, we saw a stadium filled with 4,500 people. Everything there is to watch us. That alone still torments me in a tricky place, knowing that so many people have gathered in one area to see our talents unfold on the pitch. The game started and we had some amazing performances, hit exceptionally well and we gained some points, 4 minutes before the game it was 3-3. The scoring point for the opposing team was on the unchecked third base and the fourth hit. It was not a good situation for my team. The championship was on the line. The shooter threw the ball, and everyone was holding their breath.

The tone goes straight to the center you hit, goes straight through the air, and gets closer and closer to the fence. The whole world stopped for a moment, swearing. The ball follows nature's course and follows the wind to cross the fence, which brings the runner home after third place, scoring 3-4. We are lost. That was it. Body there is no way to go back in time. We are lost. All our hard work and many hours practicing the same exercises over and over again was wasted. We didn't win the state, we didn't win anything. It was my last full year. Compare everything to the previous year. I was very disappointed with myself. I replay the moments over and over in my head thinking about what I could have done differently. There was nothing I could do but move on with my life and not look back.

Here I am, after a year of working at the University of Utah Hospital as a CNA, preparing to enter nursing school this summer, and looking back, I learned that being a hardworking and patient person will benefit you in the long run, I think we have to face challenges in life to build the character that we are as adults. Softball was my life and now nursing is my life. We go through stages of life hoping and praying that all will turn out well and as planned, and we don't believe that it's failures and challenges that keep us growing.

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