Somewhere in time

 Somewhere in time

Over the years, flashbacks reappear from time to time. Somewhere in time, life's missing episodes brought a sense of urgency to revive what it could have been. There have been many encounters where decisions have been made or should have been made forever that have changed the direction we all take in life.

They say hindsight is nothing more than a realization that when we took that left turn we have since realized we should have turned right. Although many have already turned left and didn't realize they should have turned right instead.

But somewhere in time, there are other opportunities to do it in the right direction. Our life often offers us opportunities. Whether we choose to turn left or right, it indicates the events that make up who we are and what we are becoming.

History is littered with iconic figures, both infamous and famous. The choices and decisions they made have had a profound impact on our lives today. When historians look back to the present day, these figures, many of whom are notorious, have left a legacy of hopelessness, pain, and despair. Then there are those famous people who have actually tried and been successful in some way or another in making positive changes in the lives of others.

What was life like in a place in a time where calm reigned and the flow of existence was long gone? It is being replaced by turbulent times and today's crisis. These famous personalities rewrote chapters of our existence that hinder the upward movement of so many societies.

The yellow of a sealed funnel lingers like thick fog around our nation today. The light of hope that was present somewhere in time has yet to penetrate the dense state of mind of those who still have the resistance to alleviate suffering in these extremely perilous times. For them, they continue to take their turn. In this way, the lives and livelihoods that were lost continue.

Just thinking of going back somewhere in time and rewriting today's text for those who should have turned left rather than right What would be the difference in today's world. Instead, we end up with those notorious people who continue to stand in the way of those valiantly attempting to implement solutions to many crises today. Somewhere in time are the answers about the future of humanity.
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