Ignore the noise, and go straight to the source!

 Ignore the noise, and go straight to the source!

Are there any aspects that frustrate you, government officials, and even create the famous feeling that I am sick and tired and just won't take it anymore? When deciding who to vote for, are you swayed by noise and rhetoric, or do you care about science and data? Instead of deciding based on what someone claims and their rhetoric, are you ready, willing, and able to go straight to the source, instead? It is important to realize and realize that the only way to clearly distinguish between speech, etc. and reality, is to clearly understand, how data is collected, and how best, comprehensively, and comprehensively, to do so. interpret information accurately and regularly! With that in mind, this article will attempt, succinctly, to examine, review, revise and discuss, using a mnemonic approach, what it means and stands for, and why it is important.

1. Self-service. Deviant: 

Too often, elected officials (and candidates) distort data/facts, in order to make them more selfish, and personally useful! The only way to have better public leaders is, if the electorate takes more responsibility, to learn and find out which way to go!

2. Options. Opinions. Organizer. Choice: 

It takes personal commitment and the responsibility of a voter to assess potential leaders in an organized way! Which is open-minded enough to weigh, make choices and distinguish between opinions and facts. Everyone has a right. In his own opinions, but not for the facts in him! Rest assured, the individual, each of us chooses, qualified, capable, fit, and able to make a difference for the better!

3. Useful. Urgent: 

don't worry about trivial things! It's amazing, if we pay attention to the real priorities, rather than the less important ones, and prioritize the urgent ones, then our political process will improve and become more useful, etc!

4. Realistic. Rationale: 

what is good, any opinion (even idealism), unless/until, is based on a realistic examination of needs, objectives, priorities, strengths, and weaknesses and what do we want from the United States of the future, look - Locke? Carefully examine each candidate's logic regarding their statements and whether the data supports their opinions!

5. Staff. clarity; Creativity: 

Each of us must realize that the quality of an individual's personality says a lot about how they can serve and represent us! It takes clarity from the electorate and the leader's desire to be, appropriately, creative, rather than just limiting possibilities, using the same methods and methods - old and old!

6. Empathy. Focus: 

Check out any candidate who always presents with the greatest degree of true sympathy! We need people who are focused where it is most useful, for the greatest good, etc.!

Are you prepared to look at the source of the information, rather than just a political, often self-serving version?
Are you committed to being a more responsible voter?

Richard owns businesses, has been COO, CEO, Director of Development and Consultant, professionally managing events, consulting thousands of people, leading personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns,
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