How to choose a new pair of badminton shoes

 How to choose a new pair of badminton shoes

 Ninety percent of players spend most of their budget on badminton rackets. They ignore the fact that shoes are just as important. If you want to move around freely, buying a good pair of shoes is very important. While playing the game, moving quickly in different directions is of great importance. Any slippage could cause injury or at least damage your performance. Here are some expert tips that can help you choose the right pair.

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Traction and traction are the two most important things to consider when investing in badminton shoes. When it comes to the best type of shoe, think about the stadium you will be playing in. If you are playing on a PU or wooden playground, choose a pair with gum rubber soles as they provide a lot of grip and traction.

Generally, the gum rubber sole tends to accumulate a lot of dirt, which reduces friction. As a result, he will likely escape. It is a good idea to avoid wearing shoes when you are off the court. You can choose to place a damp towel near the court to walk on and scrub the underside of your shoes to clean them.

Since cement surfaces are not flexible unlike wood, most people do not play on them. However, if you want to play on a cement surface, be sure to wear shoes with regular rubber soles. Apart from that, you can also try on tennis shoes. They can also work well.

However, it is better to choose only badminton shoes. Volleyball shoes can also be a great alternative.


Since playing badminton requires you to move quickly in different directions, be sure to choose shoes that can withstand impact without breaking. In the market, you can find a variety of shoes that offer much better cushioning. Before paying for your favorite pair, be sure to wear it to see how you feel.


Ideally, you might want to buy a lightweight pair. Initially, when Wilson entered this market, she released a pair of badminton shoes. These shoes feature a canvas upper and rubber soles. In fact, it was incredibly light.

However, they no longer do. You might not even find a photo of these shoes. The shoes that you can find these days feature intricate designs. But the good thing is that they are much more comfortable. It is also expensive.


As with any portable item you purchase, be sure to choose the correct size. When it comes to size, width is the second most important thing to consider. In other sports, you get ahead by playing. In badminton, you have to move more left and right. Thus, the width of the shoe is more important.

In short, if you are going to buy a good pair of badminton shoes, we suggest you consider the tips above. This way you can avoid common mistakes and get the right pair to meet your needs.
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