Cat Information-Health For Your Older CATS

 Cat Information-Health For Your Older CATS

For more information about older cats, talk to the owner of the older cats. Older Cat, Older Owner - Doesn't Matter Which One! 

When my son was barely 14 years old, we went to the local animal shelter to get a dog. There were no small dogs (we lived in a tiny house!), So we planned to come back next weekend. We decided to wander around the cat area before we got home, only to see some cute cats. This is where we met Dave. 

Dave wasn't yet. While my son was walking past a cage of about 20 kittens, Dave had to climb the side of the mesh cage and meow. Loudly. Since he was only 6 inches tall, James laughed and reached out to hit him. He quickly crawled onto James's arm and tried to create a home in his shirt collar. He was caressed and worshiped and then returned to the cage. We thought we could hit a kitten or two. We were wrong. Not Yet Dave was tenacious and a very good climber. And a high purr. We took it home and called it Dangerous Dave, after a video game character my son, was playing online at the time. 

Aging is a state of mind, isn't it? People don't always act with their age - and so do cats. A person 70 years old can act like a young adult, while another person of the same age can act as if on their deathbed. My uncle Luther started the big landing on his 40th birthday. He spent the next 40 years confident that every day was his last. 

Cats are a lot like people. Your pet may act like a cat for many years or feel old and irritated even when it is young. A specific breed, environment, and genetics play a role, but in general, a well-groomed domestic cat usually lives at least 15 years. Some cats live well for more than 20 years. My 16-year-old cat is still hiding in corners so she can jump and scare us. Then he laughs. really. 

Regardless of your cat's actions, there are things you can do to allow it to live the longest possible life. 

* Spay or neuter your cat. 

Statistics show that stationary cats live longer, as this forces the cat to stay close to the house and be exposed to some dangerous situations and diseases. 

* Make sure you purchase appropriate cat food for their ages. 

Domestic cats live longer. Consider keeping your cat indoors.

As your cat ages, you may need to adjust to certain medical conditions. Your cat may suffer from one of the following illnesses or restrictions: lack of tolerance to temperature extremes, slow reactions, blindness, susceptibility to infections, arthritis, and joint stiffness, digestive problems, liver and kidney problems, weak bones, deafness, cancer, muscle weakness, memory loss. High blood pressure and irritability. In fact, humans and cats face many of the same aging issues. 

Make sure to encourage your cat to exercise. You can do this by playing with your cat every day. Eco-friendly toys and parts, such as scratching posts, are great for encouraging your cat to exercise. Remember that cats can spend most of the day sleeping. A catnap only takes 10 minutes, but there are 5 or 6 every hour. 

Make sure your cat has regular health checks with the vet. It is always better to solve problems than to treat them. You should also brush your cat's teeth daily and brush them regularly to avoid skin diseases. Your cat will love to take care of it because it is an opportunity to get your attention. Watch your cat for dietary changes, sleep changes, and unusual thirst. Your cat will likely age happily, and the more you participate in his life. Do your part to make older cats feel good, happy, and with you for many years to come. 

Oh, what happened to Dave?

My son's daughter is now in second grade and thinks Dave belongs to her. You still don't understand that we all belong to Dave. He is sixteen and strong. It's still loud and buzzing. He always amuses us with feline behavior and a generous passion. Enrich our lives every day. This is our encyclopedia of information on cats. Cats are great, but I think older cats are the best. 

Q: The difference between a cat and a comma? 

A: One of them has claws at the end of its paws and the other is a pause at the end of its object!.
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