Are You Feeding Your Cat a Healthy Diet?

 Are You Feeding Your Cat a Healthy Diet?

Change your cat's unhealthy diet 

If you've read any of my previous articles, you know how important it is to feed your cat a diet that promotes good health. If your cat continues to eat a cat's diet, she will develop diet-related illnesses or worse. 

So you finally realize that your cat's current diet is not healthy and that change is needed, so what should you do to fix this problem? The first thing to consider is not to overcomplicate this task - use common sense. 

O Change your cat's diet:

Changing your cat's diet can be difficult, difficult, and necessary. Transition time will depend on two main factors; Your approach and your cat's personality. 

Remember, when humans decide to change their diet, it is not always easy. This thinking can also apply to cats, especially when you consider that one year in a human’s life equals about seven years in a cat’s life. Whatever happens, changing your cat's diet is essential to their health. 

Your goal is to change your cat's diet from commercially packaged foods - that is, a diet rich in carbohydrates, low in moisture, and containing toxic preservatives - all of these ingredients are fatal to cats, and you should change your cat's diet to a full-on one. With healthy nutrients. 

Q What ingredients should be avoided? 

Although canned cat food is better than dry food due to its high moisture content, many still contain ingredients that are toxic to cats such as; fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates - this should also be changed for a type-appropriate diet. Then you will change your cat's diet into a beneficial one. 

Most kittens adapt to change fairly quickly, but older cats can be picky. 

Many cat caregivers realize that it is extremely important to change their cat's diet and take a firm approach in putting any new food suitable for the species into their cat's plate and if the cat is not eating. , The caregiver refuses to consider another approach.

Sometimes this aggressive approach can do more harm than good because if a cat remains more than 48 hours without food, it may develop Fatty Liver Disease (Fatty Liver Disease) which is very dangerous and often fatal. 

Q Which approach should I use? 

The first approach is to put all new foods appropriate for the species into their serving plate and see what happens. If your cat isn't eating, try sprinkling a very small amount of juice on the canned tuna. Please use it in moderation, as your cat should not eat tuna for long periods of time, as it significantly reduces vitamin E and causes a painful condition called soapstone. 

Another way to use them is to sprinkle liver chips or Parmesan cheese over the new food while adding a small amount of their old food. 

The best cat diet is raw meat (rabbit, chicken, or turkey) at room temperature, cut into bite-sized chunks. Changing your cat's diet is a good idea. 

Note: Many cats adopt a raw diet with little or no resistance. Young cats, especially, seem to adopt new food quickly, and even older cats often eat food without protest. 

In many cases, they seem to be relieved that you finally found out how to feed them real, fresh food, much closer to what Mother Nature wants everything it offers in a box or bag. 

Finally, be aware that some cats may be better off trying new food if you try to feed them in a new, quiet, private location away from other cats in the home. 

Q What if my cat is stubborn? 

Even if you have a more stubborn cat, be patient and your cat will eventually come to eat the new food and will be healthier and will have improved her life and eliminated the likelihood that she will die prematurely from an illness or food-related illness. 

No matter which method you take, remember that many cats are resistant to change, but you cannot allow your cat to tell you what to feed him. Like children, cats love their good taste. Now you know what is good for them and you need to exercise your authority and in doing so you will have a healthier cat.
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