Aggression triggers in dogs

 Aggression triggers in dogs

Us, aggression in dogs can be caused by many triggers. It's up to us to figure out what motivates our dogs to act in aggression. There are many triggers to look at in dog aggression 

Driving is one of the first and most common triggers of aggression in a multi-dog home.
In a dog group or family with more than one dog, one leader will be chosen by the dog group. This usually results in a fight. The person who wins is the leader of the group. This may be challenged again at times. We as humans need to respect this and not treat the weakest dog in the herd with extra care and attention. This will only lead to aggression in the herd leader and make life difficult for your dogs. 

The pack hierarchy is the ordering order of the rest of your dog's pack and it differs for each dog. This can happen multiple times until the rank of the herd is transferred from one dog to another. 

Earth protection is important to most dogs. Some of them protect the place they live in, the food bowl, their favorite toy, their human companions, or a member of their human family.

 A maternal instinct can occur when a male dog approaches her young or when humans especially babies approach for comfort. It is important to avoid sudden contact with puppies. 

Fear/stress can cause a dog to bite and it can be distant from the decision to escape or fight when the dog is frightened. Your dog needs personal space. When introducing two dogs to each other, it is important to give them space and not to pass over them all the time. This can also be avoided by not allowing the dog to meet and welcome on the leash because the dog will feel your tension and on the leash tight. It is best if they meet in an area not familiar to any of the dogs to avoid territorial aggression. Initially, when adopting a second or third dog, it is important to give your dog first, attention and food so that they discover the dynamics of the pack. 

The hunting instinct is more vulnerable in some dog breeds than others. Huskies are famous for this because they have high prey, and zealous energy, and can cause great harm and death to dogs and small animals. 

Dogs who are in pain or injured should always be handled with a muzzle. An injured dog wants to protect it the only way it knows it, and that is through aggression, and this goes hand in hand with aggression associated with fear and stress. When dogs get into a fight, hitting them to stop the fight can trigger a bigger dog fight. 

Dogs can often be competitive for the attention of their owners and this causes some jealousy which leads to undesirable behavior that can turn into aggression. 

Both dogs and children need limits, and we often allow children to play with dogs as they like. This could cause the dog to become attracted. There are usually several warning signs for a dog getting frustrated with a child. Things like distancing, growling, etc. But we and the kids choose to ignore this and push the dog for a little. This is how dogs are bitten by children most of the time and this is the only way they know how to say please stop now. O adult dogs do with puppies and discipline them this way.

When dogs play, they can easily cross the full play point and start the fight.

We need to know when they are still playing and when they start fighting. This can avoid dangerous fights. Playing dogs will bite gently and leave the designated spot where they bite after only a few seconds. Dogs that really fight will open meat. Also, pay attention when it appears that one of the dogs wants to leave and not play anymore and when it starts to growl with irritation, this is the time to stop. Dogs that want to play lie down in the dog's lower position. This is when they place their front feet on the ground with their back legs up, their tails can wiggle and they can jump around excitedly and make friendly barking noises.

Male dogs cause up to 90% of fights between the sexes, but male dogs spell their problems much more quickly than female dogs. A female who is spayed can be more aggressive because she has more testosterone, but a healthy female is like a woman who has a period. A healthy female goes through the same hormonal phases, irritability, and frustration. 

Some breeds are more likely to fight because of their genetic makeup. How you breed and make friends with these dogs can make a big difference to their temperament. 

They say that idiopathic aggression is caused by a malfunction in the brain. This is usually seen in larger breeds. These dogs will suddenly attack and after minutes become the sweetest dogs and they seem to totally forget the attack. These dogs should not be used for breeding. 

It is usually the cause of acquired aggression by humans. These dogs can use aggression because it works to achieve what they want. The puppies may have been bullied. Or dogs that use aggression to survive. 

Not socializing with a dog may cause aggression problems.

If your dog is used to only being with an older lady, he may not be able to figure out how to interact with children, men, or other dogs. This can go two ways; Either you are fearful and pasty or aggressive towards the other dog or the human. Know that this is not true aggression, but rather unwanted dog behavior from an uncertain and fearful dog. 

Dogs can be trained to be aggressive when training a dog as a police dog or for security purposes.

Old dogs can be aggressive. This goes hand in hand with illness and pain because they fear that they will be harmed and because their sense of hearing and vision may be less accurate. This may cause the dog to feel fearful and react accordingly. 

Metabolic disturbances can occur with low blood sugar that can be triggered by hunger.

This transports the hormone testosterone and can cause aggression. 
Displaced aggression could be caused by two dogs running towards the gate barking at a stranger or passing by a dog. Because the gate restricts them so that they cannot reach the stranger. They turn to each other out of frustration and miss the place of aggression.
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