6 reasons climate, and environmental protection is essential!

 6 reasons climate, and environmental 

protection is essential!

Although some seem to prefer to deny the reality of climate change and its potential adverse effects, and more often to reduce the need to protect the environment, especially with regard to air and water quality, the reality is, unless/until this planet begins, not only by taking it seriously, rather by moving forward, proactively, with a well-thought-out strategy, we are endangering the health and well-being not only, currently, but for future generations! When historians, environmental / climate experts, and professionals - look at the behavior and leadership of this nation, especially over the past four years, they are likely to think that our actions (and their imperfections) are under threat, and our ability to offer a more sustainable planet to those who follow! With this in mind, this article will attempt, succinctly, to consider, examine, revise,

1. Clean Air and Water: 

When the Trump administration appeared to have reversed and/or limited many rules and regulations aimed at protecting the environment, etc., this endangered the ability to enjoy clean air and water. 'clean water! Some of these measures include: allowing the dumping of wastes into waterways, etc. Encourage edge drilling efforts, to reduce green gas, etc. Humanity can only survive if we prioritize, protect and purify air and water.

2. Responsibility to Future Generations: 

Shouldn't the responsibility of the present generation be to protect this planet, in the interest of the health, well-being, and maximum enjoyment of future generations? To do this, I mean, do everything in our power to address the issues, not only in a populist way but in a proper and sustainable way!

3. Sea / Ocean / Pole Melt Levels: 

We are witnessing a great melting of the Earth's poles, possibly due to the continuing increase in the average annual temperature on this planet. When the ice melts, it causes a potential rise in sea and ocean levels and therefore endangers low areas, due to potential flooding, etc.

4. Beach / Human Life Risks: 

If we don't, we can all, to protect the planet, risk human life and our way of life!

5. Intensity/frequency of storms: 

You are not the only one who feels that the intensity and frequency of storms and natural disasters have increased and worsened in recent years!

6. Public health and well-being: 

When / If, public leaders set priorities, articulate and populist messages, instead of doing the right thing, everyone loses! Actions and statements made in the past - the President, dismissing and/or downplaying these problems, often equates them, in the short/immediate term, with economic problems, public health, and the well-being of present and future generations. risk!

We only have one planet, and we must either protect and take care of it or in the end harm it and its inhabitants! Wake up, demand better and more responsible leadership!

Richard owns businesses, has been COO, CEO, Director of Development and Consultant, professionally managing events, consulting thousands of people, leading personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns.
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