5 things we must all do to beat this pandemic!

 5 things we must all do to beat this pandemic!

Almost everyone at this point is really fed up with this epidemic, which has changed our lives, for over a year. Instead of asserting political and/or absurd conspiracy theories, wouldn't it make sense to go forward, preemptively, to do something, to remove its effects? Although the US population is only about 4.5% of the world's population, the suffering was much greater (about a quarter of positive cases/infections/tests, and a fifth of deaths)! Rather than thinking, we know better than scientists and public health experts, don't we - better - if and when we follow their suggestions and advice? In order, finally, to get back to a certain level, of naturalness, and to stop the horrible suffering, it is over - the time has passed, for all of us, regardless of the political/personal agenda and/or the self-interest, to do everything. possible for the greatest good! With that in mind, this article will try, briefly, to consider, review, review, and discuss 5 essential things we need to do ASAP.

1. Public health / common sense / personal responsibility:

when some politicians express a message, frame it, and visualize it - economic benefits, etc. before public health, and general well-being, the general public loses! Instead, he should tell each of us, common sense and personal responsibility, to do our part, to change - the tide -!

2. Actions / Wearing the mask / Social distancing:

If we only take certain actions, such as wearing a mask (correctly), social distancing, avoiding crowds, and taking personal responsibility, the level of injury will decrease. considerably!

3. Be vigilant:

don't let your guard down - now, because, finally, we have vaccination available! Do your part, and if you are medically fit, get vaccinated, when you have time! Until then, be vigilant, and until the public health experts tell us, sure, keep doing the right things!

4. Get vaccinated when it's your turn:

When you became eligible, you got vaccinated, and you should! The only way we'll end this nightmare is, if, if it's a high percentage (most experts demand herd immunity, at least 70%), help out and get their share!

5. Together the best way out and moving forward:

We can end this horrible epidemic if / when we wake up, stop the bickering (and stupidity), and move forward in a united/united way! Together we can get around this problem, but it takes patience, understanding, doing the right things, and listening to the expert's suggestions!

If we are to be healed, the ummah, emotionally / mentally, as well as about public health, we must move forward wisely and together! Will it be part of the solution?

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