5 things that must go beyond party politics!

 5 things that must go beyond party politics!

The United States is a very partisan political country where, for many years, it has become - even more! Although generally there are several paths to follow, which may make sense, there are issues that need to bypass these policies, if we are to remain, the land of freedom and voice, for equal justice and justice. human rights, across the world! Shouldn't our public and our elected officials put Americans first and serve and represent our best interests, rather than their personal/political and/or self-interest agendas? Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen an excessive use of political designations (which are often inaccurate,

meaningful, or serve a real purpose), rather than having public discussions, which are perhaps good - overdue! With that in mind, this article will attempt, succinctly, to consider, examine, revisit, and discuss 5 things/areas that deserve and require more focus on service, representation, compassion, and the search for meeting people. spirits for the greatest. Well.

1. Public health and safety:

what can and should be more important than the best, public health and safety? Sadly, over the past year, we have seen what happens, when our general leaders (or, at least, some powerful, individuals) seem unprepared, ready, and/or able to prioritize that! Should a nation, which often considers itself the best in the world, consider quality, medical care, and health care/insurance just a possibility, a privilege, or a real right? The statistics clearly indicate that certain minorities, with low socio-economic, mean that we have suffered more than us! With about 4.5% of the world's population, what do you say the United States has experienced about 25% of the cases and 20% of the deaths? Since then, more than 500,000 Americans have died from this pandemic, isn't that a non-partisan priority, does it not make sense?

2. Constitutional guarantees:

how can we brag about our great constitution, if / when we do not protect and guarantee all rights and freedoms, instead of doing so only selectively? Isn't it hypocrisy to demand vague (maximum) Second Amendment rights, when you trample part of the First Amendment, including? This nation must protect all rights, all freedoms, and the concept of equal justice for all!

3. Living Conditions:

Shouldn't we be better than we are at ensuring that all Americans live in safe, quality living conditions that provide clean air, water, and sanitation? heat (and hot water) and security. ?

4. Medical treatment/health insurance:

How can we provide quality health care to everyone (regardless of income, etc.), unless/until we reform the method, our medical system, our activity, and our costs while linking quality health insurance? Those who refer to health insurance as socialists (in general abuse these terms) either don't care or realize that we are the only nation in the free world that does not provide some sort of protection, - all!

5. Equal treatment:

shouldn't all our citizens benefit from equal treatment and justice? Simply, by trying to deny the existence of systemic racism, don't make it go away!

Wake up America and demand O public officials, serve us instead of themselves! Will you become a more responsible citizen?

Richard owns businesses, has been COO, CEO, Development Director, and Advisor, professionally managed events, consulted thousands of people, held personal development seminars, worked on political campaigns,
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