5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Attend The Summer School For Dancers

 5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Attend The Summer School For Dancers

it's the time! International Summer Schools worldwide, are now registering for dancers and dance teachers to enjoy the many types of intensive summer courses over the next few months. You may have already booked one ... or even more than one. But if you haven't already, here are 5 great reasons to research and enroll in a summer school of your choice today.

1) School is outside the summer.

You may have recently completed your SAT, GCSE, AS Level, or even A-Level exams and needed to have your review reviewed during this time, thus you weren't able to attend as many dance classes in this last semester as you would have liked. Look familiar? Summer school courses can be great for building your strength, and technique, and restoring your confidence, as these sessions often run over a week or two and this daily, consistent training is all your dance needs to catch up.

2) Are you currently taking the test?

Or maybe you recently had offers for professional schools and colleges starting in September 2021? Attending the Summer Intensive program is an excellent way to learn about your dance college/university's top choices and see if they really meet your expectations. When you sign up for a "professional dancer course" or similar, over the next three years, gaining insight into what your daily training looks like will help you make decisions about your future easier. It definitely helps put your mind at ease, which is what you really want to do! It will also be an easier modification from your current home life to settling in quickly and easily with your new regimen, which means you can simply jump-start your training.

3) You can't have too many great friends.

By attending the Summer Courses, you spend time with like-minded people who share your love of dancing, and can't wait to meet you either. These are young dancers who are going through the same things you are going through as a "dance" student and share your experiences so far in the studio and what lies ahead. It is sure to make for some great conversations and some laugh as your new friendships start.

4) Enhance your qualifications and training.

Whether you are a dancer or a dance teacher, you often take a performance audition at the end of the course. You will likely need to check this scenario from the start with the course provider, but if it turns out that your current school is not hosting exams this year or on your teacher's advice you feel like waiting a little longer and taking an exam during the summer session will be good for you then great and your progress continues. The summer courses for dance instructors help prepare for the level at which you operate. You may be looking for a licensee's qualifications, but you are not currently studying at an advanced level, so this type, of course, is a great way to hone new curricula, training methods, and techniques. Being surrounded by many other teachers is sure to help you get answers to any unanswered questions. Also sharing your knowledge with others is very beneficial to everyone.

5) Enjoy the classes in different places with different teachers and dancers.

Don't worry, the school won't be hurt. Please keep in mind that it is always a good practice to ask permission from your teacher and make use of their advice and knowledge when entering into discussions about the right summer course for you to attend. Taking a class with other teachers at certain times during the year can only help your talent grow. Different teachers focus on different theories, methods, methods, and technical corrections. You will likely find that your teacher has asked you to apply a certain correction for a while now, but for whatever reason, sometimes, as every great teacher knows, you just need to receive the correction in a new environment and gain a voice for you to hear.

In conclusion, by attending the Summer Intensive program, you have absolutely nothing to lose ...well, these courses may cost you financially, however, the above five reasons should be enough reasons for you now to take over your computer, Pen, phone and encourage you to contact the schools of your choice that are running intensive summer courses this year!

Make it the best summer yet ... the dance is waiting for you!
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