Dog grooming essentials

Dog grooming essentials

Dogs need physical maintenance to seem and feel their best. Your dog's grooming needs depend upon the breed and therefore the hair types. If your dog features a problem with the skin, ears, or nails, follow your veterinarian's instructions for caring for him.

Here are some dog grooming basics

Combing Hair:

Most dogs enjoy brushing their coats, strengthening their bonding brushing sessions together with your dog, while also maintaining a healthy coat. Your dog's grooming needs vary consistent with his hair type. Select appropriate tools and follow them.

Long-haired dogs usually require daily brushing to stop hair from getting tangled or tangled.

* Medium-haired dogs could also be susceptible to clumping and tangling and will be groomed a minimum of weekly.

Short-haired dogs can last up to a month without being brushed.

cutting nails:

Trimming of nails is hated by dogs and their owners alike. Most dogs don't even wish to handle their paws and their nails hurt if they're cut too short. Also, dog owners are uncomfortable with this process for fear of harming their dogs. the simplest thing to try to do is to find out how to properly trim nails and take care. you'll determine the way to do that from your veterinarian but if you're still not confident it's best to let the experts handle the task.


Most dogs should be bathed monthly,. a tub is typically the simplest place to wash a dog, although very small dogs are often bathed within the tub. With the assistance of the hand, hold the spray by soaking the dog from head to toe in warm water. Avoid eyes and inside ears. Many dogs have waterproof coats. Therefore, honest soaking is typically necessary to penetrate the pet's hair all the way.

Eye care:

A dog's ears are often a haven for bacteria and yeast if left unclean. While some dogs can go their entire lives without ear diseases and need multiple cleanings per day. Dogs with floppy ears or long hair, like Cocker Spaniels, tend to be susceptible to ear problems because their ear canals aren't exposed to enough air. Ear problems also can be a symbol of allergies. If your dog's ears smell bad, your vet will likely prescribe special ear cleaners and appropriate medications.

hair cuts:

Dogs with long and abundant hair, like the Poodle and Shih Tzus, need a haircut every two to four weeks, counting on the dog's breed and haircut style. Haircutting should be left to professional groomers, although some dog owners are ready to have basic maintenance hair trimmed.

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